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What is the solubility of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate

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  Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, ICSC Number: 1189, CAS registry number: 25155-30-0, RTECS number: DB6265000, English name: sodium dodecylbenzene sulphonate, chemical formula: C18H29NaO3S, molecular weight: 348.5. Properties: Non-flammable, irritating or toxic fumes released in flames when fire, allows the use of a variety of fire extinguishing agent, contact to prevent dust from spreading. Physical state: white to yellow solid shapes. Occupational exposure limits TLV not established valve. Melting point:> 300 degrees Celsius, the logarithm of the octanol / water partition coefficient of 0.45, the water solubility of 25 degrees Celsius 20g / l.

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