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The difference between sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate

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  Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid and sodium hydroxide (or sodium carbonate) neutralized to obtain sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate.
  Do the cleaning solution is sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate.
  After configuration is sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate paste, concentration of almost 100%. Water was added according to different needs cleaning, dubbed in different concentrations.

Sodium dodecylbenzene simple method using dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid configuration:
Saturated solution of sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide (hereinafter referred to as lye) Preparation stand,
  Dodecyl sulfonate home blender and slowly adding lye, with the process of continuous strip judgment acidity,
  The neutralization reaction was neutral, stop adding lye, and stirring was continued for several minutes.
  Above to give a viscous yellowish transparent or sodium dodecyl sulfate solution, may be drawn or diluted as needed.



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